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When Are you Required to Have a Physical Exam?
  • Many Colleges and University require Students to have a Physical Exam and Proof of Immunizations. 
  • The Admissions Department will inform you of their requirements.
  • In California, a Physical Exam is required upon School Entry.
What Can I Expect?
  • All Physical Exams you will be provided with an exam gown or shorts. Undergarments should be left on. If you arrive in your own shorts and loose-fitting shirt, this may suffice and is up to Dr. Sun’s discretion.
  • Review of your medical history.
  • Review of your immunizations.
  • Review of medications.
  • Review of any medical conditions.
  • Perform a physical exam.
  • Additional tests and diagnostics .can be discussed or ordered if required or necessary.
What about Younger Kids?

For those living in Los Angeles and of younger age:

  • Parents may be able to utilize the School-Based Health Centers and Services to those who qualify.
  • If a child is Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) eligible, some services are available free of charge to LAUSD students.
  • Check out this webpage for more information.
  • If you do not have a specific Primary Care Provider and do not qualify for the above criteria, look no further.
  • You can make an appointment for your child here.
What Should I Bring?

During the process of making an appointment, you will be guided on the documents to provide.  Typically these will include:

  • Form that the College or University is requesting.
  • Full immunization history and record
  • Any medical records you may have
  • Information about any Allergies
  • Medication list
  • Primary Care Provider name and telephone number (if you have one)
  • Please be ready to discuss any other medical history such as surgeries, medical conditions and name of any Specialists you are seeing (if any).
When will I get the Paperwork I need?
  • Immediately following the visit, Doctor Sun will fill out the forms for you to leave with – in hand. 
  • No returning later for pick-up necessary at this office. 
What Is Your Office Like?
  • You can expect a humble, small, modest, clean, no-frills office.  There is no administrative staff, nor medical assistants as Dr. Sun performs all her own work. Pictures are on the ‘How It Works‘ page.
  • As you can imagine, the cost to provide a brick-and-mortar location is expensive, then couple that with providing medical services, the equipment and regulations required – it sometimes can be out of reach.
  • If you have an in-clinic appointment, there will never be a waiting room full of people. Appointments are separated by a substantial amount of time.  When you arrive,  the time and clinic is blocked only for you.
  • Dr. Sun was able to create two physically separate suites within what was once fully occupied by a computer shop. Now the suite in the back is the computer repair shop (Suite D2) , and her medical office occupies (Suite D1). We went through ~8 months of work to make this happen with the City of LA and San Pedro.
Why Make an Appointment Here?
  • Dr. Sun’s practice philosophy and goal is to provide the best care for you while making the experience pleasant and not a chore.
  • Why does going to the Doctor have to be so dreaded?  If you think about it – it’s typically the arduous, impersonal, maze-like process that virtually everyone tries to avoid.
  • This is a low volume, Doctor run office.
  • Simple and straightforward.
  • Make a choice to have a good experience, because every experience you have in life – matters.
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