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Dr. Zoe Sun Portrait

I'm Zoë Sun, M.D.

Direct Primary Care PEDIATRICS

Reestablishing relationship based care that values your time by providing access directly to your doctor.

  • Monthly membership based practice – prenatal to young adult
  • Get the personalized care & attention you and your kids deserve. You choose – cash pay discount labs or imaging – OR – PPO & Medi-Cal ability to order prescriptions, labs and refer
  • Home mobile visits, in-clinic and telemedicine for members.
  • Communicate with ease – via telephone, texting, patient portal
  • Self schedule appointments
  • Specialty referral & coordination
  • Member online portal trending your child’s development
  • Member App provided to screen & track monthly at home for plagiocephaly. Discover early and potentially correct – before a helmet may be needed.
  • Member App provided to track feeding, crying, sleeping, diapers, pumping, measurements & vaccinations

          About DPC                How This Works

Insurance Lab Billing for High Deductible Plan

Lab Charges from Insurance $1,337.87 (2024)

Oh But Look! They save you $1,199.54 (LOL)

You Pay More Running Through Insurance on this High Deductible Plan

Absurdity of Insurance Lab Bills

Actual LAB Charges When Paying Direct

Same Labs Paying Cash Pay

Iron, TIBC and Ferritin $  10.35
Thyroid Panel with TSH $  10.90
Venipuncture $    2.00
Hemoglobin, Gly HbA1C $    4.80
CBC (General Health Panel) $    4.00
CMP (General Health Panel) $    3.50
Lipid Panel $    6.20
25-OH Vitamin D-3 $    9.00
CRP; High Sensitivity $  12.00
TOTAL $  62.75
Oh but wait Insurance saves you $1,199.54 Huh?